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Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to do marathon 26.2 miles easily

Who am i ?

I'm a fitness evangelist who is practicing and coaching different forms of exercises to people. I would like to share my knowledge about marathon running which i found very easy and everyone should try atleast once in life.

How this works ?

Every individual is different and their physical anatomy is different. But, there are few things in common like how our body and mind works both isolated and coordinated manner. I believe that there are few efficient ways to accomplish everything in life. So, by following few things with respect to diet, training once could do the marathon very easily.

Procedure ?

you don't need any prior qualification to run marathon. Anyone could follow these simple steps and run marathon pretty easily.

How many months of training/practice you need ?

Use this formula and table to find how many months you need for training.

  ( Your Weight (kg) x 100 )  x Your Height (cm)

Result Number of months
00 - 25 3 Months
26 - 50 6 Months
51 - 75 9 Months
76 - 100+ 12 Months

What/How the training day looks like ?

Have one day as training day every week. i prefer Saturday or Sunday. But, it really depends when you can spare 5 to 7 hours. Have a huge breakfast with loaded carbohydrates & proteins(have same food on every training & marathon day). Then take a break for 3 hours. I use to have breakfast at 6AM & jump start my running at 9AM.

Some people say start slow & improve gradually. I would say that will take long time & on the way people get distracted or demotivated by various factors. So, follow my simple advice.

Just try to cover 26.2 miles on first day itself. There's no pressure to finish this in X hours or run all way with X speed. So, you can even walk or jog or run in mild pace. If you get injured physically(yes, i mean physically, you should be mentally strong that you can do it.), stop there & follow the same next week.

But, in my experience, even an oldma can walk this mile distance. so, anyone can do it in first few weeks if not in the first week. Follow this every week & gradually increase the time taken to complete it. Obvious way is to increase the speed of your jogging/running. you will eventually reach the point where you can do the marathon in sub 3 or sub 2 hours range.

Supplement to training ?

There's  one virtual training for marathon that i found during my experience. This is not treadmill running like most of you would guess. It is breathing. yes, the only difficult or challenging part in marathon running is breathing properly all through the phase consistently. Even, elite athletes struggles to catch up with good form of breathing.

you need to sit down in calm place & take deep breath in and out for few minutes initially. Then, carry on to do that for atleast an hour.


So, i hope i have shared the three important things to achieve marathon easily. Here's the key points
 - Eat same food  before running on training as well as marathon day.
 - Achieve to cover 26.2 miles from very first day of training
 - Perform breathing drill atleast once a week.

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