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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Planche progression series

Why planche ?

Planche is full upper body strength demanding exercise. It's a isometric exercise which means that our body doesn't move & we will be fighting against gravity to put stress on the body.

Any prerequisites ?

General upper body strength is required. Specifically, Push Up is essential. So, if you want to try, practice that first. At least, one should be able to do 15 push ups in a row.

What is my plan to achieve that ?

I'm going to progress through following steps & share my experience through that,

  1.   Frog Stand
  2.   Tuck Planche
  3.   Advanced Tuck Planche
  4.   Staddled Planche
  5.   Full Planche

What i'm going to record every week ?

I'm going to share my experience about how i'm feeling, what improvements i have got, them most importantly, how much i have progressed.

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